Tzii - Vuole Morire


Tzii - Vuole Morire ( CD Trasponsonic)


       Il primo lavoro di Eric Desieux  in arte Tzii ,artista francese di base a Brussels per Trasponsonic è in assoluto anche la prima uscita fuori dai confini per l'etichetta-collettivo mutagena. Un nuovo tassello che va ad aggiungersi al catalogo, un disco oscuro e sofferto ma emozionante e pieno di passione per l'Italia e la nostra cultura.

Since over ten years Tzii, music composer and videast, spreads his magickal corrosive frequencies all over the world through touring from eastern and western europe to Australia, passing by USA, Canada, Japan and Africa, where he played hundreds of shows..… Spreading cinematic dark ambient and raw power electronic anger, His aim is to enclose you into a abusive spiral leading you to an impossible redemption. He created his own label NIGHT ON EARTH in 2001, releasing vinyls.


As a videast he makes live videos for bands like Parade Ground or Solar Skeletons, directed videoclips for Mourmansk150, HIV+, Solar Skeletons, Fujako and some short movies for v-atak and others……

He collaborated on stage or in studio with these musicians: Ripit, Gamaboy, Steve MacKay (The Stooges), Mike Watt (Minutemen, The Stooges), Marshall Allen (Sun-Ra Arkestra), Sikhara, Rko, Hop-Frog, Jason Lafarge, Temple Of Bonmatin, Sam Lohman, Alveols, Nevroz, D’incise, Klstr, Najah, Koonda Holaa, Stalker, Otto von Schirasch, DJ Urine, Error, Felakkkzion, Cochlea, Pilami, Synoxys, 1997EV, Company Fuck, Duflan Duflan, Rinus Van Alebeek…..and.................... he's out for the very first time with TRASPONSONIC!!!!!

L'etichetta culto sarda, Trasponsonic, accoglie per la prima volta nel suo catalogo, un'artista non originario dell'isola.
Ma di nulla si sposta, l'ostinata linea espressiva, dell'intransigente label.
Tzii (Eric Desieux), è francese d'origine, e risiede a Bruxelles.
L'incontro fra le due realtà, avviene durante un concerto, organizzato dall'etichetta di Macomer.
L'affinità è immediata.
Tzii, non è un novellino, questa, è la sua decima uscita solista.
Si è fatto le ossa, navigando fra progetti collettivi (Solar Skeletons, Transit), e collaborazioni sparse (Steve MacKay (The Stooges), Mike Watt (Minutemen), passando per Sikhara, Koonda Holaa, Otto Von Schirasch, ed altri ancora).
“Vuole Morire”, è in sintesi, una potente eruzione dark/ambient.
Fra istantanee quasi folk (Persona Che Si Sono), maestose ambienze (Mein Leibster Feind, Mi Colpisce) e fragorosi assalti (le traforanti Entfernung Der Gefhule, e, La Morte è Un Avido Amante, non distanti, dalla claustrofobia Swans degli esordi).
Restano al palo quei momenti dove il magma sonoro tracima, generando bolle, ancorate ad una visione risaputa.
Ed è un peccato, poiché, fra un profilo Lustmord, ed uno Jliat, si scorgono influenze e movenze, quasi da composizione massimalista, non distanti (idealmente), dal lavoro di Niblock.
Flagellazioni dronanti e rugginose meccaniche inceppate.
Desolazione ed espiazione.
Per una visione lisergica complessiva, fatta di detriti e rabbioso silenzio (a riguardo, i progetti locali Trasponsonic, a dirla tutta, possiedono una folle marcia in più).
Le sette tracce, incuriosiscono, anche per via dell'inserimento, di campioni di voci in italiano, che stupiscono non poco (a voi la scoperta).
Panorami angoscianti, marchiati a fuoco da un'urgenza espressiva considerevole.
Lande e luoghi immaginari, che, a dispetto del titolo depressivo dell'opera, paion disposti ad accoglier maggior luce, rispetto a quella che filtra in questo lavoro.
Siam nell'ambito, di un buon livello, con premesse per un'ulteriore salto qualitativo.
Perfettamente inserito, nel raggio d'azione artistico, passato al setaccio da Trasponsonic.
L'avvicinamento al catalogo dell'etichetta, è quasi una necessità.
Vi state avvisati, scuse non se ne accettano (cominciate con Maqom o “Saint Lux”, ne riparliamo poi...).

Marco Carcasi on  April 2011


I am one lucky son of a bitch. There is NOTHING like getting grade-A material in your mailbox from some exotic land you've never been to visit but always dream of. In this case, Italy. But I do have to apologize for the lapse in regularity here, I've been staring at this disc for a couple of months now feeling like I take my mailings for granted. I'm also lucky I don't deal with jerks! Mirko Santorou, leader of the Trasponsonic label, was generous enough to agree with Eric of Tzii and send me this physical copy of what I feel to be the most stark work I've heard form this guy yet. I would like to thank both of you guys for your patience!
I'm not gonna lie, this disc was a very difficult one to wrap my head around. That's only part of the reason it took me so long to get myself straight and work up the balls to review it. I love the fact, though, that this is a challenging album. This is not because the songs are complex or overdone, but just the opposite. "Vuole Morire" is about as death-obsessed as the ancient Egyptians, and one of the weird things about it is that it sort of has a very twisted sarcasm toward the subject. As I was translating the song titles, I could see that there is a courageous confrontation of the subject of death, but it never fails to address just how much of a serious subject it is.
There are tracks I loved and tracks that after all these months I still cant listen to because they are too uneasy. The strange thing is, both these sets of songs just wouldn't seem to work without each other. This really seems to be a contemplation of mortality. Something of an acceptance as well.
The album title literally translates to "Wants to die". Not surprisingly, there is a picture of a cross-bearing Jesus being followed by a Roman militant as the cover. "My Dearest Enemy" is an interpretation of the first track title, and this track is my favorite. It's a great contradiction, especially when you think about how Jesus is supposed to be My Buddy Christ, but how his religion has fucked the world the hardest in its proverbial ass. The track is very warm, almost sensuous with its whisper-samples. This is a wonderful opener, especially when it leads the way to the next track, which is one of two featuring very atmospheric accordion work contributed by Nouchka Durma. This track is also amazing and lush, and I think it might be a reflection on envy. There is a nice set of layering here, a short bout of high-pitched noise before the halfway mark that unfortunately doesn't stick around, but just welcomes a more substantial helping of a sampled Italian male voice.
Track three is one that is still hard for me to listen to, but lovers of Giallo themes and samples will dig it a lot. The track is a sort of eerie, metallic piece that is one of the dirtier of the set. Like a final death scene in a factory, this track opens and closes with what is clearly a woman in big trouble and desperation as she cries "I want to die!" in Italian, not yells, cries... The track that follows is similar in sound like the rest of the album, but this seems to be a rather disturbing celebration of life as art, or perhaps art as life.
The next track to be titled in German, translating to "the removal of feelings" is the most forceful on on the album. There are some HIGH pitches in number five, and hardly any ambient elements, just some straight noise loops and an almost crackling sound, like something of an electrical disturbance. The album then finishes off with one last cold industrial push, "La Morte E Un Avido Amante", and one more selection that scares me, mostly on account of more brilliant work by N. Durma. I don't know what the hell Eric sampled for this track, but it is some morbid shit, sounding like an incantation done by a witch, and to complete it, some much needed synth noises, a real stack of them, sequenced perfectly. And guess what? This one is aptly called "It strikes me". It sure did.
I didn't expect this album to be as cold as it is. But DAMN. Cold is good. Cold is GREAT when Eric touches it. Three-hundred copies folks... go git it!

Raul Chavez on




Trasponsonic Inc. 2011